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In early 2012, I started writing my first blog www.shakingthefamilytree.wordpress.com. Shaking the Family Tree focuses on my genealogical research and the spiritual journey of discovering one’s roots. I quickly found that I was spending more time researching then writing, which has made it difficult to keep generating regular posts. What I found though was that I enjoyed sharing my stories and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Don’t Judge a Fish is sort of an expansion blog. While I will continue periodic posts in Shaking the Family Tree, this new blog will allow me to write about…well…everything else. Oh, and expect lots of photos.

I hope you will follow along and share your thoughts too!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. thehistoricfoodie

    Hello, I found your blog Shaking the Family Tree this morning and just wanted to touch base with you and say hello. My boyfriend is a Zartman descendant and the two of you share about 3 generations of ancestors. His line is Alexander, Hans Jacob, Henry, John Peter, Peter, John B., William Dallas, Chauncey Edward, and his mom is Anna Zartman Brady. I’ve been working on the family history for him, and bought him a copy of Rufus Zartman’s book recently. I enjoyed your post and do plan to read it again to compare and correct any errors I may have.
    Vickie R.


    1. mcherr Post author

      thanks for reaching out. It’s always nice to find further connections…I have met a good number of “cousins” through this process and it is my hope to follow up with some of them in future to learn more about what we may or may not have in common. Its fascinating! Keep in touch!


  2. Tony Testa

    Hi Mickey,
    I do not know if you remember me. I was a friend of your Dads.
    I was in Indy with him that trouble year.
    I read his bio. Loved it.
    If you ever come back to RI look me up


  3. Spencer E. Nolen,Sr.

    Hello, was linked to here from a Emergency! Facebook page. I am a volunteer fireman and medic, a career captain for the city of greensboro, nc. Fire department. All i can say is wow. Loved the information provided. I am such a history nut. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT HOW MANY LIVES HAVE BEEN SAVED BY YOUR DADS WORK? HE IS A HERO, PERIOD. Have used Hurst tools on several occasions to help others.


    1. mcherr Post author

      Thank you Spencer for your kind words. I often hear stories of friend’s loved ones being saved by the Jaws…and it IS incredible to ponder the butterfly effect. My dad was always surprised when someone would thank him. Thank YOU for your service and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I appreciate it greatly!


  4. ginnyotte

    Hello, my fellow Otte! My earliest known Otte ancestor (Heijndrick Otte van Willegen) moved to the Netherlands from Germany, I believe, in the 1500s. When I began my genealogical search nearly 20 years ago now, I never thought I’d get as far with Dad’s family as I did…but there you have it. Land once owned by him in Borselle was transferred to a man named Pieter Coorne in 1596; but was still being farmed by Heijndrick’s son Pieter Hendrick Otten van Willigen in 1616m so I wonder if Pieter Coorne was actually his son Pieter. Pieter also owned the gallows at Galghoek, being unable to farm land that constantly flooded, and Pieter actually lived in Monster. I can’t get much farther than that, as the records literally washed away form all the flooding over the centuries. I do have have scans of the baptism records ob Heijndrick’s great-great grandsons, my 6th great grandfather Jacob Hendrikse Otte, baptized 3 Oct 1669, and his brother Bastiaan Otte, from December 1669.

    My branch moved to Paterson NJ in the mid-late 1800s, and some stayed in the area ever since–I have cousins who still live there, as do their children and grandchildren; others moved west, as far as Washington, California, and throughout the midwest.

    Have you had your DNA genome done? I’m on 23andme and GEDmatch. Perhaps we’re very distant cousins.



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