This is literal home. Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love. And this is the view from my office window. But objects may appear closer than they actually are. Zoom lenses are great. Still, I love my view of Billy Penn.

My city is a great inspiration as you will see in my photo blogs and history-related articles. I am also inspired by my ancestors. Not because they were necessarily important people (yet some actually were literal “Big-wigs”) but because I like to think about the characteristics that get passed down through the centuries. I am sill learning about my roots. I definitely don’t like everything I’ve uncovered. But it is a part of our American heritage and I am determined to make sense of it all. Or perhaps merely shine a light.

*This* is also the homepage for a collection of my blog posts and digital articles. Please tab through to find my musings on a diverse number of topics (from a brain left to science to the birth of the Jaws of Life), a journey through Leukemia and even just a journey around the block. Most of the photos included here were taken by me (unless noted or family/vintage).

Photo info (all Philly 24/7):
Top Left– Delaware River, 12-30-18, Top Middle– South Street looking West toward 10th, 5-15-17, Top Right– Commodore Barry at INHP 11-1-2018
Bottom Left– Fitzwater St. looking toward 10th 8-5-19, Bottom Middle– American Philosophical Society 6-24-19, Bottom Right– Broad Street heading North, 12-13-2019

IRL I am involved in many different projects. Stay tuned *here* for occasional updates…

Tours for Hidden City Philadelphia are “on hold” until further notice. Check back here for future updates!

St Paul’s Church Philadelphia- click to read “Love, Loss, and City Life During COVID-19

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