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In early 2012, I started writing  a genealogy blog called Shaking the Family Tree. While it focused on my genealogical research, I also wrote about the spiritual journey of discovering one’s roots. I quickly found that I was spending more time researching then writing, which made it difficult to keep generating regular posts. What I found though was that I enjoyed sharing my stories and connecting with like-minded individuals.

As my confidence grew and I received great feedback, I found more and more topics I wanted to write about, so I expanded into a second blog. The posts you find here are a combination of everything I’ve written from the beginning.

In my various “day jobs” through the years I have produced a lot of writing: annual reports, website content, and countless newsletters and marketing pieces. When I started taking jobs ghost writing and developing (non-credited) content for various non-profits, I realized I wanted to transition into full-time writing. I have had a lot of really interesting jobs that always inspire my writing, from working in the fashion world, living in an historic house museum, to raising funds for major cultural institutions. I have followed my heart down many paths. If you wish to learn more about all that you may connect with me on LinkedIn.

Over the course of the last few years I have expanded my writing projects to include a lot of history… check out the FIND ME HERE TOO page to learn more about the other places I have been contributing.

I am also a big photo taker… I love to notice architecture, flowers, and all sorts of details we rush by… make sure you check out my Photo Blog page too!

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