I love discovering interesting hidden histories…and going down a good rabbit hole to learn something new, especially when the story involves a woman! 

Starting in early 2018 I became a contributor to one of my favorite online publications- Hidden City Daily

The Hidden City Daily, fosters public dialogue by exploring the intersection of people and place, and the tension between the past and the possible future. The Daily publishes 10-12 posts a week (Monday through Friday) that cover planning, preservation, architecture and design, along with articles that explore the city’s history.

Find an archive of MY articles HERE

While you are visiting the Hidden City Philadelphia website, check out their Tours & Events which provide immersive experiences of remarkable places.  (If you pay close attention, you might find my name listed… I give occasional tours of Society Hill and surrounding areas.)

Back in the Spring of 2016, while serving as the Communications Director for PhilaLandmarks I started a blog, to which I contributed whenever time allowed… if you love history and enjoy a great house museum, you might enjoy these posts:

Wisteria and the American Wüster Family

A Woman Rediscovered: A false-bottomed trunk and a love of citron cake (and we are just getting started!)

Philadelphia Family-Ties and the British Occupation: Part I

Philadelphia Family-Ties and the British Occupation: Part 2

The Revolution Continues

Cutting Federal Funding for the Arts and Humanities will Hurt Everyone… aka What Stories Will Never Be Told?

Leaving Your Mark on the World

Welcome to the “Sick Room”

I co-wrote a book… and during the process I learned a LOT about our American system of law, and the huge impact Philadelphians had on establishing the rule of law during the infancy of our Nation.

William Lewis Esquire: Enlightened Statesman, Profound Lawyer, and Useful Citizen

*If you decide to purchase it… 100% of the proceeds go to Historic Strawberry Mansion

And if you are interested I blogged about my experience working as a ghost writer turned co-writer, and check out photos from the book launch.