Streets of Philadelphia

Look Up, Look Down

I walk out my door. This is what I see. And this is what I photograph.

(All photos are mine. 95% were taken within walking distance of my front door. Each was taken inside the city limits)

Heraclitus said no man can step in the same river twice. I would say no person can step in the same city twice. Have I changed or has the city? Perhaps it’s just a change in the weather.

Some days I see details. Some days I see the sunset. Art. Activism. Beauty. Decay.

Some days I might channel Christopher Morley, sit on a park bench and notice the exact same things he did 120-years ago.

Other days I think of Lillian Boxfish when she said, “Any day you walk down a street and find nothing new but nothing missing counts as a good day in a city you love. People are forever tearing something down, replacing something irreplaceable.”

(“Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk: A Novel,” written by Kathleen Rooney)

Demolition. It’s everywhere. Sometimes empty lots remain. And sometimes horrible replacement “architecture” appears. What’s worse?

Below are several more galleries featuring photos I have taken, which, over time, seem to illustrate the ephemeral nature of city living.

A Walking Writer


Watch Your Step

Details: Look Closer

It’s Only Words

Window Shopping

The Secret Lives Of…

I Have a Thing For…

And Street Flora

Colorful Streetscapes

Street Art & Installations

In Process (from above & street level)

Always Changing (And Now it’s Demolished)

Found Art

Memorials (to men)

The Saints Who Dwell Down the Block


Bye Bye Rizzo (When Activism Works)

Doors To Nowhere

Demolition, Preservation, New Development… the Constant Ebb & Flow


The Classics

The Icons

A Change of View

A Change in the Weather



Night Views


The Locals

At Rest

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